Protect Your Gym from Creepy Crawly Cyber Criminals

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You have done everything you can to make your gym a safe place for members and employees. You think you have all the protection you need. You feel good. You feel satisfied. Then, out of nowhere something or someone you can’t even see clobbers you and brings you and your club to your knees. That’s how cyber-criminals work. They work in ways that are difficult and sometimes impossible to see. They work by hacking into computer systems. Sometimes it’s your system; sometimes it’s the system of someone you work with. Sometimes they are attempting to steal important information that allows […]

Bulk Up on Insurance So Your Club Can Survive Every Punch

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Let’s face it, running a gym today comes with the threat of punches from places you couldn’t even imagine just a few years ago. An unexpected, unprepared for punch could knock you for a loop so hard you and your club might never recover. Typically, it has been the case that if you run a workout facility, you were exposed to liability claims and lawsuits. All too often, gym owners take out the minimal insurance policies and hope for the best. They have members sign waivers when they join and think that will be enough to protect them. Expected Punches […]

Don’t Be a Dumb Bell. Get Cyber Liability Coverage.

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Any fitness club that decides to skip cyber liability insurance coverage is leaving themselves open and vulnerable to cyber attacks that could ruin their business. If you are one of the many fitness club owners who decided to skip cyber liability coverage thinking that you’ll never need it, that could be one of the dumbest mistakes you’ll ever make. Criminals are committing most of their crimes in the cyber world. With practically every business transaction taking place online, more and more information is accessible to hackers. Right now, hundreds of health clubs could be facing ruin because their processing company […]