Club Rules: One, Two, Three Strikes You’re Out!

health club rulesIt’s bound to happen. You open the doors to your gym and eventually end up with a member that causes problems. Thankfully, it doesn’t happen that often.  

There are several solutions to addressing problem members, but the key is that you have to do something.

To allow a member to disrupt your facility’s atmosphere sends a clear message to your staff and your members that you have no control over your club.  No one likes confrontation, but if your club is going to be successful, you have to act quickly.

One disruptive member can turn into several and before you know it the good members have moved on and you’re left with nothing but problems.

At that point, you can start counting the days before you have to close your doors.

Baseball provides a great set of rules for dealing with problem members. As long as we’re not talking about drugs, sexual assault or physical violence, all of which require immediate dismissal, you can begin with a warning. If it happens again, you give a more stern warning. Third time, they’re out.

You must have a well-written set of Club Policy and Guidelines, which includes “at will” wording in your membership agreement that point out the club’s ability to cancel any membership for any reason.

 In much the same way that your employee manual deals with the removal of a staff member, you have contractual wording that spells out your rights as a business owner.  It’s also a good idea to consult with a local attorney if you have any doubts at all about whether you will be violating anyone’s rights before you toss them from your club.  

Problem members should not be tolerated in any club. Nip them in the bud as soon as possible and enjoy the rewards of a happy, healthy club environment.