Fitness Instructor
Liability Insurance

NAFI - National Association of Fitness Instructors

Total Program Cost: $159 a year.
Liability Limits: $1,000,000 per occurrence and a $3,000,000 general aggregate

Are you working as an independent contractor in the group fitness industry? If the answer is yes, then you know you need to have liability insurance. NAFI is proud to offer group fitness instructors, personal trainers, yoga, Pilates, bootcamp and dance instructors excellent liability coverage for the lowest annual price around. Whether you are teaching in a studio, gym or park, you can rest assured that your policy has you covered.

The application process is simple and will instantly provide you with a certificate of insurance verifying your status as an insured fitness professional. You may also add additional insured entities to guarantee your coverage anywhere you teach or train!

Looking for a policy to cover your facility? We offer a unique program designed for fitness professionals who own or lease their facilities. Please contact Ken at, or call his cell at 720-234-4154.

The entire enrollment process takes less than 5 minutes and your coverage can begin the next day. Or, you may choose any date within the next 30 days to activate coverage.

and welcome to NAFI's insurance program!