Notice to all Trainers; “PUT THE PHONE DOWN!!”

We all know that our cell phones have actually become a physical part of our bodies.   It seems we can’t even go the restroom without taking our phones and checking into Facebook while sitting on the throne.    Nice…

However, when it comes to personal and group training, nothing is more distracting and rude then an instructor who is checking their phone while training.   Some trainers will complain that they need their stop watch capability on their phone to conduct their training.   Give them $10 and tell them to go buy a stop watch.   Not only does the phone usage during training send a clear message to the member that the trainer doesn’t care, the distraction can cause a serious liability issue.   When a member is in trouble and the trainer is too busy checking their Instagram, accidents can occur.   I don’t want to try to defend the professionalism of a trainer while trying to explain that his “snapchat” function wasn’t working right.  


To all club owners…and ESPECIALLY my clients, PLEASE tell you trainers that use of their cell phones is prohibited during training or group exercise classes.   Sheesh!