At Reinig Insurance Solutions, it is not only necessary to provide the appropriate insurance solution to our specific client’s needs, but we also understand the need to provide the risk management tools, education, and protocols to help reduce or eliminate the exposures that can result in liability or property losses.

One of the best tools we can provide our clients is our recommended liability waiver and hold harmless agreement. To download the most recent version of our waiver and release form, use the GET INSTANT ACCESS form on our home page. Most fitness facilities choose to put their waivers in the body of their membership agreements.  This isn’t always the best solution unless the agreement allows for a member to sign an acknowledgement that they have read the waiver or at least an area where the member can provide their initials next to the waiver paragraph.  By far, the easiest waiver to defend is one that contains the signature of the member on a stand-alone document.

Other services we provide include step by step instructions that you and your staff can follow in the event of a property loss or an injury to a member at the club.  Download “How To File a Claim“.

From the education prospective, we have dedicated a section titled “Articles” that includes many pertinent topics and risk management tips that Ken has encountered in the 20 years he has been insuring health and fitness facilities.  Please take time to visit our “Articles” – you are sure to find a topic that will benefit your overall risk management objectives.

Finally, Ken Reinig, is available for private consultation to club owners, medical fitness center directors, and equipment manufacturers to discuss a specific risk management game plan for your business.  Even if you do not purchase the insurance through Ken, he can still provide the risk management tools to help protect your valuable asset and ultimately peace of mind.


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