Speaker and Health Club Insurance Expert, Ken Reinig, on Protocols for Key Clubs

Ken Reinig, speaker and health club insurance expert, establishes that while the appeal and drawback of 27/7 key clubs are the same, there are ways of establishing protection protocols for the owner as well as safety and security for the members.

Lakewood, Co: April 25, 2016– Ken Reinig, well-known risk management specialist, posted a new article on his website entitled “Lack of Supervision in Key Clubs Is Both, A Benefit and A Cause for Concern” in which Mr. Reinig discusses how to ensure protection and safety.

According to Reinig, “Many, if not most of the people who are attracted to key clubs are the kind of people who are less concerned with supervision and are more interested in being able to work out whenever they want to or can.” He emphasizes, “That is the big draw, and that is the major drawback with having this kind of 24/7 access club.”

According to Reinig, “The first step is to inform the potential member that they will be joining a facility that may not have staff on duty during the hours that they choose to work out.  By verbally informing the member that they are “on their own” and emphasizing this fact in the waiver and release document, the club has provided the first line of defense.  This is known as “Assumption of Risk”.  An injured member’s attorney would have a difficult time using the “no-supervision” argument when the member clearly was informed of this potential risk and even signed agreement acknowledging his or her participation in a 24 hour concept environment.”

In addition Reinig advises, “Medical alert necklaces and/or panic hardware are also a must in a key access club.  I really like the idea of allowing members the choice to use a medical alert device.  Use of these devices should be available for all members, but strongly encouraged with those members that are “at risk” due to age or health related issues.”  

The entire article can be read at https://theinsuranceguy.com/lack-of-supervision-in-key-clubs-is-both-a-benefit-and-a-cause-for-concern/

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About Ken Reinig:

The fitness industry’s leading risk management specialist, Ken is the past president and founder of Association Insurance Group and has been insuring health clubs, instructors, and personal trainers for over 20 years.