Risk Management Updates for Covid-19

As a result of the Covid-19 crises we are recommending you review the above article and Risk Management forms. Both the waiver and the assumption of risk now include verbiage for bacteria and viruses as well as verbiage for virtual and on-line training.

Every state and even local jurisdictions have different laws and statutes pertaining to the validity and/or enforceability of these documents. Therefore, we ask that every club owner review any changes to their current agreement with their local attorney.

We believe that having a stand-alone waiver or assumption of risk document is important. Including the waiver wording as part of the membership agreement may not be conspicuous enough to be enforceable.

Now is the PERFECT time as clubs are re-opening, to have every member sign a new document that identifies their risks as a member.

This is also the time for every club owner to update their Club Policies and Guidelines and address the new CDC recommendations and any other protocols that members AND staff should be following.

All of the documents can be download below: