General Liability

Coverage for premises related coverage including, but not limited to, slip and fall incidents, equipment malfunction, and personal injury from libel and slander.

Employment Practices Liability

This is a specialized coverage that is designed to protect the club from lawsuits brought by employees for wrongful termination, discrimination, and sexual harassment.

Loss of Business Income

As with many major property losses, the absence of revenue as a consequence of the club having to close during repair and reconstruction can be catastrophic. We can provide funds needed to replace your lost revenue and cover your ongoing necessary expenses to keep in business

Product Liability

This coverage is designed for anyone manufacturing or distributing products to the health and fitness industry. This would include equipment manufacturers, supplement companies, equipment designers, and manufacturer’s representatives who are not protected by the insurance policies of the equipment manufacturers…usually independent contractors or retail operations. The coverage is designed to protect the insured from claims arising out of product defect or product contamination resulting in injury or death of the consumer. It is important to note that if you “private label” someone else’s product, you could be liable for the integrity and safety of that product. Most general and professional liability policies exclude “products that you manufacture or distribute”.

Key Man Life Insurance

As the title “Key Man” implies, this is life insurance (usually term life) that is taken out on the owner or partners of a company to help secure the financial viability of the business after the death of the key person or persons in that business. It usually is used to fund a “Buy / Sell” agreement between partners of members of the LLC. In the event of a death, the remaining partner(s) can elect to continue to go forward with the heir(s) of their departed partner OR they can establish a set price or multiple that can be paid to the heir(s) to transfer the stock or interest of the business to the surviving owners or partner.


Should a club request or are required to carry liability limits in excess of $1,000,000, we can provide umbrella coverage up to an additional $10,000,000.