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Launch Into the Year with Resolutions, Safety and Health Club Trends Reviews

Here we go again on another 365-day spin around the sun! We’re just about halfway through the first month and your club is probably busting at the seams with new members and old alike launching into their New Year’s Resolutions to trim down, beef up, get flexible, and hopefully not give up before the first month of the year is over.

This is a great time for you club owners to review new trends that might be taking root in the health and fitness club industry and make sure your safety protocols and insurance coverage will protect you as these new trends become mainstream.

A couple of trends are becoming more commonplace and if your club is participating, there might be additional insurance coverage requirements.

Outdoor Group Training Versus One-on-One Personal Training

The trend of one-on-one personal training is shifting to group personal training sessions. As more people look for ways to socialize and do things together, working out as a group is becoming popular. And many of these group-training sessions are taking place out of doors. If you employ trainers and they are making this shift, you’ll want to make sure your liability insurance includes coverage for incidents that occur during off-premise training sessions.

Workplace Workouts

Another trend we’re seeing is that of fitness and health clubs offering onsite training to businesses and corporations. Let’s face it; most American adults spend 40-plus hours per week at work. According to an article at, “that makes the work environment fertile ground for fitness programs. Employers are eager to invest since healthier employees have lower absenteeism, enhanced levels of engagement, higher productivity and greater levels of job satisfaction.” If your gym or club is offering this type of service, review your policy to make sure those people who are not “members” are covered.