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Risk Management is the Future of Insurance

Introducing: Reinig Risk Management – a REX approved supplier of Risk Management services built to protect you from the unexpected.

Our services help to identify your areas of exposure, areas of opportunity and paths to long-term scalability

If there’s anything we’ve learned in the last 18 months it’s that risk is even more unpredictable than we thought. Everyone here was affected in one way or another. So how do we learn from this incredibly forgettable time of our lives? Let’s start with “Risk” and how we’re all susceptible to it. When the pandemic happened, it put a strain on all types of businesses – hitting small businesses especially hard. 

In my world of Risk Management, here are some areas where people like you, Gym Operators, got hit the hardest:

Take the increased costs associated with construction, for example:

Supply chains all over the world broke down, which made the acquisition of goods more difficult, which slowed down timelines for building, which cost you money b/c you’re falling behind deadlines while also having to pay more for your materials. I could keep going, but I’ll save you the time. It’s the unforeseen consequences of adversity that are the ones of which we need to be most mindful. 

Every single day you are presented with interactions that carry risk – you, your staff, your members, your equipment, etc. What we are trying to do at Reinig Risk Management is prepare you for all of the unforeseen consequences of risk that you are too busy to see for yourself. 

This is what we do. We evaluate risk for a living to make sure that you’re not getting your ass kicked when Johnny trips over his shoelace and falls face first onto a rack of weights.

Can we stop Johnny from falling? Obviously not. But we can tell you to not put the weight rack near a heavily trafficked walkway so the odds of injury are significantly reduced. 

We can tell you how much insurance you need and the types of insurance you need to support the three new clubs you want to build over the next 18 months.

Risk Management is here to stay, and the cost of being proactive will be significantly less than the cost of an unforeseen incident. You can host trainings on crucial areas of risk, bring in educational materials, conduct a risk assessment of your facility, among other things. 

We have a number of claim forms on our website. Feel free to use them as needed. 

Need a Property Claim form? Click here

Need a Liability Claim form? Click here.

Bookmark these resources so they’re handy if you ever need them in the future. Reinig Risk Management will help you identify your risks, analyze them, prioritize them, address them and monitor the risks over the long term.

Prepare today to make tomorrow a better day.