May is Protect me from MAYhem month

May is Protect me from MAYhem month.

When was the last time you took a serious look at the risk management of your gym?   The term “risk management”  probably involves more than you think.   From analyzing your lease, to creating a specific protocol for reporting incidents and following up on claims.   Here are some other areas that fall under the term “risk management”.


#1  Your waiver.   When was the last time it was updated?    Does it address social media?  Is it a separate document or buried on the back on your membership agreement?

#2  Your special events.    Do you have a waiver designed specifically for off-site programming or kids boot camps?

#3  Your club Policies and Procedures.   Do you have a written statement of club values that tells your members what is acceptable and not acceptable conduct in the gym?

#4  Your landlord.   Has your agent reviewed all of the aspects of your lease to let you know what you are exposed to?

#5  Your staff.   Do you have an employee manual?   Does it address sexual harassment and discrimination issues?

#6  Your surveillance.   Do you have digital video surveillance with at least a two week hard drive backup?   If not…get it.   Go to   No excuses.

Insurance is only a SMALL part of your protection from MAYhem.   It’s always best to have a good proactive game plan for avoiding claims and averting risk in the first place.   If you don’t call us…at least call your current agent and forward him/her this email.   You have nothing to lose!!!!

Here is to a great MAY…free of incidents and lawsuits!!!