“Ounce of Prevention…blah blah blah”

Everyone has heard the term, well Millennials may have heard this from their parents, but “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.   That especially applies to the health club industry.

It is always easier, smarter, and cheaper to implement sound risk management BEFORE you have a loss.   Whether it is applying simple maintenance protocols, keeping your facility and equipment up to date or training your staff on how to complete an incident report; establishing basic risk management techniques can go a long way. As well as reduce your risk and keep you out of litigation.


All too often, club owners rely solely on their insurance policy to bail them out of mishaps and claims. Yet club owners who want to stay in this industry a long time and who want to duplicate their model to expand into multiple locations understand the value of risk prevention.   The secret is execution of some basic systems and understanding the importance of staff education.


Is your employee manual up to date and do you have a social media policy for your staff?   Does everyone on your team know how and more importantly, WHY, it is important to complete a detailed incident report?   Do you have an equipment maintenance log?   Do you do background checks on any staff member who will be working with kids?   These are just a few risk management guidelines that are easy to implement and can go a long way in saving your ass down the road when we all have to go to court.   Keep in mind, if you have a business in the United States, it is not a question of if you will be sued, it all comes down to WHEN.   Are you prepared?   If not, feel free to give me a call.