Insurance is only one part of a risk management solution for protecting your club!!

In much the same way that proper nutrition and exercise are key components to protecting your body, risk management is a necessary process to keep your business healthy.

Preventative measures can definitely reduce the likelihood of injuries and unnecessary litigation. Here are some examples of risk management procedures that every health club should implement as part of their business practices.

8 Risk Management Tips:

1) Is your waiver up to date and is it a stand-alone document?
2) Do you have written instructions for your staff addressing how to document incidents at the club?
3) Are your incident and witness reports unique to the health club industry?
4) If you rent your space, has your insurance agent reviewed the entire lease agreement to make sure you are in compliance?
5) Do you have a written policy dealing with Social Media with your staff?
6) Does your employee manual address sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace?
7) Do you have a written Code of Ethics or Club Policies and Guidelines that you provide to all members and staff?
8) Do you have a maintenance log and checklist to document any updates on your equipment and repairs?

By creating a great foundation of risk management you can set the tone for establishing a safe and suit-resistant environment in your gym. Feel free to contact me at any time to discuss a risk management solution for your specific needs.