“Ounce of Prevention…blah blah blah”

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Everyone has heard the term, well Millennials may have heard this from their parents, but “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.   That especially applies to the health club industry.   It is always easier, smarter, and cheaper to implement sound risk management BEFORE you have a loss.   Whether it is applying simple maintenance protocols, keeping your facility and equipment up to date or training your staff on how to complete an incident report; establishing basic risk management techniques can go a long way. As well as reduce your risk and keep you out of litigation.   All too […]

Insurance is only one part of a risk management solution for protecting your club!!

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8 Risk Management Tips In much the same way that proper nutrition and exercise are key components to protecting your body, risk management is a necessary process to keep your business healthy. Preventative measures can definitely reduce the likelihood of injuries and unnecessary litigation. Here are some examples of risk management procedures that every health club should implement as part of their business practices. 1) Is your waiver up to date and is it a stand-alone document? 2) Do you have written instructions for your staff addressing how to document incidents at the club? 3) Are your incident and witness […]

Notice to all Trainers; “PUT THE PHONE DOWN!!”

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We all know that our cell phones have actually become a physical part of our bodies.   It seems we can’t even go the restroom without taking our phones and checking into Facebook while sitting on the throne.    Nice…   However, when it comes to personal and group training, nothing is more distracting and rude then an instructor who is checking their phone while training.   Some trainers will complain that they need their stop watch capability on their phone to conduct their training.   Give them $10 and tell them to go buy a stop watch.   Not only does the phone usage […]

May is Protect me from MAYhem month

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May is Protect me from MAYhem month. When was the last time you took a serious look at the risk management of your gym?   The term “risk management”  probably involves more than you think.   From analyzing your lease, to creating a specific protocol for reporting incidents and following up on claims.   Here are some other areas that fall under the term “risk management”.   #1  Your waiver.   When was the last time it was updated?    Does it address social media?  Is it a separate document or buried on the back on your membership agreement? #2  Your special events.    Do you have […]

Same Procedure as Last Year — New Year & New Customers

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New Year’s resolutions bring in a stream of new customers, and it’s the same every January.  Your tried and true clients will find themselves looking for a parking spot and wondering when the furor will die down.  We all know that New Years resolution clients last until about mid-February with the majority of them peeling off.  But a few will remain and become life-long clients for you. The thing that needs to stay the same with the influx of new clientele is your risk management system.  Club policies and procedures not only have to be consistent, they have to be […]

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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It’s that time of year again, the time for cyber hacking.  It’s part of the reality of our lives and our businesses.  In a service-oriented business like health clubs, you are collecting data on your clients and customers.  And you may even be doing direct marketing to your customer base through e-mails.  Understanding how you are vulnerable to hackers and protecting yourself with the latest software and an excellent IT team is important, but so is knowing what to do if you have a breach. I’ve said it before that cyber liability is a new frontier that each and every […]

DIY Evaluations – how your clients can help you help themselves

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When anyone comes to work out for the first time, they think they are ready to go.  The reality is there are several factors they need to consider to know the right kind of exercise program to start, from their age to the intensity level that they are ready for. There are sets of evaluations that are designed to self-guide exercisers as they go, and your staff can guide clients how to use them for maximum effectiveness. The two best known tests have been around since Jane Fonda and leg warmers.  The first include is the talk test. When you’re […]

Ken Reinig Publishes New Article on the Popularity of Small Group and Partner Training

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Ken Reinig, speaker and health club insurance expert, challenges health club owners to step into the trend of small group personal training sessions.   Lakewood, Co – September 15, 2014 – Ken Reinig, well-known risk management specialist, published an article discussing the reasons why small group personal training is a must for health club owners. The article, titled “Why You Need a Small Group Training Plan” offers a plan for how to implement the logistics of partner and small group training.   According to Renig, “Working with more than one client at a time means you can’t watch them as […]

Your Next Step in Personal Training Might be in Small Group and Partner Training

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A few months ago, I warned you about the risks of having personal trainers as independent contractors at your health club.  The issue of independent contractors is not the only reason to consider the alternate approach of small group personal training.  The logistics might be daunting at first but managers, health club owners, and most importantly, the clients are discovering the benefits of partner and group training. Small group or partner training is just getting more popular and you need to jump in on or ahead of this trend.  One reason is to help in the efficiency for the trainer. […]

Who are you working out with? The influx of teenagers and fifty-plus adults to the fitness club scene

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Look at the line of treadmills in your gym and you might be surprised what you see.  We all know the image of the person who belongs to a fitness club – the young, buff, guy with water bottle in hand, wearing matching sweatpants, shirt and headband.  But is that really who is coming to your gym?  You just might see that guy, and next to him are his teenage brother, their 60-year-old father, and a business woman in her 50s.  Peoples fitness needs have changed and you can be ready for those changes.   According to the Fitness Industry […]